Your car covered

Your car covered

Life throws curveballs, your insurance shouldn't.

Get comprehensive car insurance, blink it back with up to 50% of your premiums back in cash, submit a claim, all in our app.

24/7 cover

Manage your cover whenever, wherever.

The Blink by MiWay app is your go-to-place for submitting a claim, updating your info, checking your policy details, redeeming your cashback and getting help when you need it most. 24/7 cover on the go.

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Fully comprehensive

We've got it all covered

You'll get full comprehensive cover for your car at retail value. No additional excesses.


Theft & hijacking

Weather damage

Damage to others' property


Fire & explosion

Glass damage

Roadside assistance

Blink it back

All about cashback

Cruising less equals more cash in your pocket! Your base premium is calculated on a monthly driving distance of 2,500km. Drive less & get rewarded with up to 50% cashback! After every month we'll ask you to confirm your kms in the app to avoid any mix-ups.

Don't let riding with Uber and friends mess with your cashback game! Mark "not my car" in the app for trips you're not driving. We want to make sure you get the full reward you deserve.

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Driven by tech

What about Telematics?

Think of telematics as your car's fitness tracker!

Here's how it helps:

Monthly cashback for low kms
Hail storm warnings to keep your car safe
Faster response times in case of an accident

Good to know: "Always allow" - The Blink app needs permission to access your phone's location services, motion and fitness (iOS) / activity recognition (Android) as well as Bluetooth, so we can accurately track your trips and be made aware of any accidents.

Minor Repairs Cover

Don't sweat the small stuff. We'll handle the chips and dents.

We want your ride to always look hot. That's why we offer Minor Repairs Cover for chips, dents, scratches and more.

For all your scratches, dents and damage caused by everyday driving, including damage to your tyres and rims our Minor Repairs Cover will have you sorted in a blink.

What’s covered:

Minor chips, dents and light scratches
Windscreen chips
Scratches to rim or alloy wheels
Damage to rim or alloy wheels and tyres

Covered in a blink

Get covered in a few easy steps

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Answer a few questions

You'll need your ID number and car registration number (number plate). We'll crunch the numbers to get you a personalised quote.


Customise your quote

Choose the excess that works for you, add car hire, credit-shortfall or cover for any extras.


Accept the quote

If you like the premium, accept the quote, enter your bank details and activate your policy.



Download the App if you haven't done so already. We'll walk you through a quick self-inspection of your car. Snap a few pics and you're set.

Tired of boring? Get cover that's worth adoring — just Blink.

Comprehensive car cover in your pocket.