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Filing a claim shouldn't be a struggle. Do it in the app, it's fast (unlike your internet these days).

First things first

Help on the road

Need help right now? Request emergency assistance in the app or call us on:

0860 254 653

Emergency alert

The Blink app contains clever technology that can detect a car crash. It automatically sends an alert to our 24/7 MiHelp emergency call centre.

One of our MiHelp team members will call you to make sure that you are ok and find out the extent of the damage, so that we can dispatch the right emergency services to you.

Emergency assistance

Had an accident? Need a tyre change? Stuck next to the road with no petrol or had one of those days and locked your car keys in the car? Don't worry, we're here for you.

Simply answer a few questions on the app and hang tight. Help is on its way. View our policy wording for more information.

Submitting a claim

Our claims process

All claims need to be submitted through the Blink by MiWay app.

01 Submit your claim

In the app, select the type of claim and answer a few questions.

Note: Accidents, thefts or hi-jackings need to be reported to the police. Make sure you get a case number. Once you have a case number, you can submit your claim with us.

02 Claims reference number

Once you've submitted your claim with us, you will be issued with a claims reference number. Keep the number close by for future reference. You will be able to track the progress of your claim in the app.

03 Claims advisor

You will be allocated a claims advisor who will work with you and other relevant parties, to gather the documentation needed to finalise your claim. Your claims advisor will also validate the claim: assessing whether the incident is covered by your policy and that you've met the terms and conditions of your policy.

Note: If your claims advisor asks you questions or request documents, you must answer truthfully, in full, and within reasonable time as requested.

04 Validation of your claim

A validator may be appointed in situations where the merits of a case need to be confirmed by bystanders, authorities, emergency services, etc. If a validator is appointed, you will receive a notification that this step is being taken and be informed of their contact details.

05 Assessment of the damage

An assessment is necessary to determine the extent of the damage. This information is sent through to the repairer so that they can order the necessary parts. If you submitted an accident claim and your car is still driveable, or if you submitted a hail claim, you will be able to do your own assessment. Alternatively an assessment will be booked at an assessment centre.

06 Claim authorisation

Unless there were any issues picked up during validation and assessment, your claim will be authorised. We may pay out cash, replace or repair the car – or any combination. If we decide to repair, we will advise you of your most convenient supplier or repairer from our panel of pre-approved contractors.

Note: Please do not go ahead and have your car repaired before you have received written consent from us, as this may affect the outcome of your claim.

07 Claim sorted

You're back on the road. Happy days!

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